Adult Bouncy Castle Hire in Gloucestershire

Any adult who says they don't always secretly want to have a go on a bouncy castle when they take their children to parties is lying! We all want to be taken back to those halcyon days of springing weightlessly from ridge to inflatable ridge before falling about in laughter with our friends. Well you can be!

Our adult bouncy castles mean that no matter what age you can still get involved in the inflatable fun. All members of the family can giggle together which is especially useful if you have a toddler who won't go on the castle unless Mum or Dad come too! Even moody teens won't be able to help themselves.

Our adult castles come in two different themes: a cartoon castle which features characters from all your family's favourite films and a Disney castle adorned with the instantly recognisable Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Whether you're organising a fun day or a family anniversary party and need to keep all age ranges amused or planning an adult-only 40th birthday bash, our adult bouncy castles will always make your event a memorable one. They even work well at wedding evening parties as a way to keep the party bouncing.

Of course our adult castles are also suitable for children but we have a great range of other bouncy castles for them to choose from too, not to mention our jungle obstacle course and soft play for younger children.

To book one of our adult bouncy castles, please select the one you would like and then using the buttons below, you can both check availability and book online. If you would like more details then please get in ​touch using the details below, or by completing ​the contact form on our contact us page.

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Adult Bouncy Castles